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Planned and extraordinary maintenance with certificated procedures.
The commodity “maintenance” is addressed to all foundries which need planned and extraordinary maintenance or modifications of product or process on the HPDC moulds and also on the gravity tools and core – boxes.


Gravity Tools

Gravity moulds and core boxes for cylinder heads.
We design and realize core boxes for cold and hot-box process, integrated with trimming tools in addition to the gravity tools in the production of cylinder heads for the automotive and tracks sector.


Diecasting Dies

Production of moulds of large and medium size for the die casting of aluminum and magnesium castings. Design and realization of moulds with an heavyweight of 30 tons for the die casting of aluminum and magnesium elements for the automotive sector. Replacement of moulds through the substitution of all inserts recovering the die holder.
Transmission Cases, Oil Pans, Engine Blocks, Structural Parts are the main elements produced with our moulds.
Development perspectives of company are directed towards larger size of moulds.